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Equipo de Gestión

"El equipo GRX es una combinación de vitalidad, color e internacionalidad. Ofrecemos una plataforma para aumentar la visibilidad de la marca a nivel mundial y construir fuertes lazos comerciales. A pesar de un entorno mediático más fragmentado, el automovilismo sigue siendo fuerte y aumenta su audiencia. Los socios se benefician de una plataforma de cooperación única y global."

- Marcus Grönholm, CEO

Our Motorsports

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Campeonato Mundial de Rally

El Campeonato Mundial de Rally (oficialmente FIA World Rally Championship o abreviado como WRC) es una serie de rally global sancionada por la Federación Internacional del Automóvil (FIA). Representa la cúspide de las carreras de rally y es una de las series más conocidas y seguidas en el deporte motor.

Los eventos del WRC consisten en etapas especiales donde los competidores corren uno a la vez en rutas específicas. Estas rutas a menudo atraviesan condiciones y terrenos diversos: desde caminos forestales hasta senderos montañosos, y desde la nieve hasta la arena. El resultado general del rally se determina en base a los tiempos de estas etapas especiales.

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World RX

The FIA World Rallycross Championship, commonly referred to as World RX, is an international rallycross series initiated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in 2014. The series replaced the previous European Rallycross Championship and expanded the competitions to an international level.


Rallycross combines tarmac and gravel racing on a closed circuit, where competitors go head-to-head in short and intense races. Events consist of multiple heats, from which drivers accumulate points. The climax of the weekend is the final, which features the best drivers based on their qualifying results. FIA World RX events are renowned for their tight racing, unexpected outcomes, and spectacular on-track incidents.



"If you want to win, take a Finn"

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Benefits of Motorsport Sponsorship

Motorsport marketing is not just a logo on the side of a car. It's a partnership that can elevate your brand to new heights, create deeper connections with customers, and open doors to new opportunities. When you step into the world of motorsport as a sponsor, you're entering a realm that lives and breathes passion, innovation, and winning.

Broad Visibility

Motorsport events attract viewers from all around the world. By sponsoring, you can showcase your brand to a large and engaged audience.

Networking Opportunities

Motorsport events offer a unique chance to network with other businesses and industry professionals.

Brand Association

By associating your brand with motorsport, you can tie your business to speed, efficiency, innovation, and a winning culture.

Activation Opportunities

Sponsors have the opportunity to organize contests, events, and other campaigns in collaboration with a motorsport team or drivers, creating a deeper connection with fans.

Target Audience

Motorsport fans are dedicated and passionate. They recognize and support the brands that back the sport they love.

Global Reach

Motorsport knows no borders. This offers the chance to expand brand visibility and awareness internationally.


Rally Experience

The GRX Rally Experience is an amazing experience that can be added to your company's party, workshop, or inaugural event. Our event at Inkoo, 50 km from Helsinki, will be unique.

Details of the event

  • On the same day, 8–20 guests can be accommodated with a maximum of 50.

  • An memorable motorsports experience is the celebration. Ride shotgun with two-time WRC World Champion Marcus Grönholm for an adrenaline experience of a lifetime. Rally racing thrills like never before.

  • Visit Marcus Grönholm's Inkoo rally museum. His career awards, cars, and other memorabilia are on exhibit.

  • Bistro Lande serves tasty food. This rustic eatery in the Strand shopping mall near the Inkoo port provides local food.

Mobile Game

GRX Game Studio Ltd is a Helsinki-based Finnish mobile game development company. GRX Game Studio concentrates on the creation of free-to-play games that generate revenue through sponsorship and microtransactions. The company's objective is to concentrate on long-lasting, effective games.

The first game of the company will be concluded shortly. Download the beta version from the Google Play store.

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